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 Larascasse Resort Manado - Our Private Jetty

The Dive Center La Rascasse Divers offers diving excursions by boat around Manado, Bunaken island, the island of Manado Tua, Siladen island, Mantehage island, island Nain, Bangka island and Lembeh Strait and diving on our house reef and spectacular night dives. The variety of marine life and corals in shimmering colors are characteristic of most dive sites and spectacular drop off walls, caves and gorges.

The most dive sites of Bunaken National Park begin with a shallow reef that slopes up to about 15 meters down.

You will find: thousands of colorful reef fish, crabs, lobsters, transparent and red striped coral shrimps, giant Napoleon, emperor fish, turtles, blue ribbon eels, snappers, stingrays, eagle rays, groupers, tunas, sharks, barracudas, dolphins and pilot whales, nudibranchs (Spanish Dancer), sea whips, anemones, sponges and more.


In Manado it is diving season all year round. The water temperature is consistently around 28 to 29 degrees with excellent visibility from 20 to 40 meters.

Every dive in North Sulawesi is a great experience. Accompany us to Blue Water Drift's along the magic walls of the Bunaken Marine Park, in the Lembeh Straits Bangka and iceland. Excellent dive sites, including wall dives, wreck dives and cave are also waiting for you to discover. It is a time that you will never forget.

Our Private Jetty

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