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How do I get to Manado / North Sulawesi?

The Manado International Airport is currently (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat) served four times a week directly from Singapore by Silk Air, the regional carrier of Singapore Airlines. There are also several daily nonstop flights from Jakarta and Bali. SilkAir from Singapore and Garuda from Jakarta allow a flight, please pay attention to the international luggage allowances.

How to get to La Rascasse Resort from the airport?

All transfers to La Rascasse Resort are performed with comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles at the resort. The transfer from Manado airport takes about 45 minutes. For guests who are in a different place in North Sulawesi prior to their stay at La Rascasse Resort, a point-to-point transfer is organized by the resort.

Gotta have a visa for Indonesia?

Most guests requiring a visa to Indonesia. Please make sure that at least two blank pages are free for the visa stamp in the passport, and the passport is valid more than 6 months on the day of arrival in

How is the weather in North Sulawesi?

The average temperature is between 23-32 degrees Celsius (73-90 Fahrenheit). The average humidity is around 60-70%. In general, the "official" rainy season begins in November and ends in March.Dives are still doing well performed.

Can I exchange currency at the resort? Where can I change money?

We do not offer currency exchange services. You can change money at Manado Airport, more ATMs located in Manado.

Is there a "best" time for diving?

The best time is from April to November. Best months are from June to October. That does not mean that it never rains at this time, but according to statistics (and experience), this is the best time because the showers do not affect the diving operation. In December, the rainy season begins. Mostly the bad weather does not last long and there are often enough opportunities to dive. In strong wind, we can not go out on our side because of rough seas, unfortunately. In such weather conditions, we take the car to the other side of North Sulawesi, rent a boat and dive in the Strait of Lembeh.

Are there other activities besides diving?

We can arrange trips to attractions in North Sulawesi for you, such volcanic highlands or the Tangkoko Nature Reserves, Minahasa Highland and rafting. You can also snorkel. For snorkeling, you can go with on our dive boat to the dive sites, and if you're lucky, see a school dolphins or pilot whales. The Bunaken Island and Manado Tua are still very natural.

Accepted Credit Cards or foreign currency?

We accept MasterCard and Visa. You can pay also in US Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar and Thai Baht, but it is advisable to make payments by credit card or in local currency, due to the fluctuating exchange rates.

Can I dive every day during my stay at the resort? 

If you stay in one of the hotels in Manado city, we offer a pick up service to and from your hotel, the travel time from Manado to our resort is about 20 minutes.

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